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You want to fulfill your wishes now? Use a cheap instant loan instead of overdrawing your checking account. Find a good deal with just a few mouse clicks! You decide on the term and amount of your instant loans yourself. For many providers, you get an instant loan of up to 50,000 euros with maturities of 84 months or more

Cheap and fast to Sofortkredit even without Schufa

In order to check the creditworthiness of the borrower and to approve the loan application, a query is usually started at the Schufa. It is usually only possible to obtain the desired financing if the Schufa information is positive. In any case, the approval of the loan will be faster if your credit rating is confirmed by a Schufa statement. But even with low loan amounts an instant loan is possible even without Schufa. Many banks offer such instant loans as long as you can provide proof of income for the past three months. The money will be in your account in a few days. You simply pay back the money in equal installments until the instant loan is paid.

For the self-employed, it is usually more difficult to obtain such a loan. In particular, if they have a sharply fluctuating income, many banks are reluctant to lend to them. With a business evaluation (BWA), however, you can provide information about the current earnings situation and thus creditworthiness.

What is there to consider about credit?

Select the instant loan not just in terms of availability. Especially instant loans often have unfavorable conditions and a high interest rate. Therefore, compare different offers with regard to the effective interest rate. Even if it is only a small amount of credit, so a higher interest rate and higher fees but quickly causes a not insignificant financial difference in price.

Editorial Tip

You do not have to choose the first offer. In particular, for a larger loan, it is advisable to make a loan request to various providers. This way, you can more reliably find a loan that offers good conditions. For smaller instant loans, however, a credit comparison is often sufficient.

Hedging for loans

Especially with a larger loan, the credit providers often require a residual debt insurance, which intervenes if the borrower dies or due to unemployment, the loan installments can no longer pay. With a smaller instant loan such insurance is usually not necessary, but can still be useful. In any case, please note whether the costs are included in the calculation of the APR or represent an additional cost item.

Find the right offer now

Use our loan calculator and find a cheap loan quickly. No matter how many months the instant loan should run or what loan amount you want – you will quickly and easily find out what monthly installments you have to expect and how high the annual percentage rate will be.

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